How to Get the Most Out of the STAS Hanging System: A Comprehensive Guide

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STAS Hanging System

When it comes to hanging wall decorations, the STAS Hanging System offers an innovative and versatile solution. With its picture rail, cords, hooks, and accessories, the STAS system provides the flexibility to create stunning displays while allowing easy rearrangement of artwork. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore eight essential tips to help you maximize the potential of your STAS Hanging System. From installation techniques to design considerations, these tips will ensure you get the most out of this remarkable picture hanging system.

Tip 1: Install the Picture Rail Over the Entire Length of the Wall

One of the key advantages of the STAS Hanging System is the ability to use the entire length of the wall for hanging decorations. By installing the picture rail from end to end, you create an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive look. This approach also allows for maximum flexibility in rearranging your artwork. To achieve a perfect fit, the picture rail can be easily cut to size using a hacksaw.

Tip 2: Install the Picture Rail Underneath Crown Molding

If you have crown molding, placing the picture rail right underneath it creates a seamless integration between the wall and the rail. This technique ensures no unused space and a visually pleasing composition. In the absence of crown molding, positioning the picture rail close to the ceiling will provide a neat appearance. Utilize the provided drilling template and follow the installation instructions to achieve the correct height below your ceiling.

Tip 3: Consider Painting the Picture Rail

To make your picture hanging system less prominent, consider painting the picture rail in the same color as your wall. This creates a subtle and unified look. Before painting, ensure the rail is clean, dust-free, and grease proof. Gently sanding the rail with fine sandpaper will help create a smooth surface. Additionally, painting the rail in a contrasting color can make your wall decorations pop, adding a touch of visual interest.

Tip 4: Use the Right Cords and Hooks for Your Needs

The STAS Hanging System offers a wide range of cords and hooks to cater to various requirements. Whether you prefer nearly invisible cords or need to hang heavier artworks, there is always a suitable option available. Consider perlon cords for a discreet hanging solution or steel cables for extra strength. Explore the diverse range of hooks and cords provided by STAS to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.



Tip 5: Use Two Cords for Heavy or Large Frames


For heavy or large frames, using two cords instead of one can enhance stability and increase the carrying capacity. This ensures that your artwork hangs securely and reduces the risk of accidents. However, it is crucial to always keep in mind the maximum carrying capacity specified for the hook-cord combinations. Safety should be the top priority when using the STAS Hanging System.



Tip 6: Ensure Invisible Hooks for a Seamless Look

To maintain the visual focus on your wall decorations, it is essential to ensure that the hooks used with the STAS Hanging System are invisible or minimally visible. While the system offers discreet hooks, some frames may have positioning constraints that make the hooks visible from certain angles. In such cases, utilizing picture hanging hardware can help adjust the positioning, achieving a seamless and professional appearance.

Tip 7: Create a Dynamic Look with Multiple Frames on One Cord

To add a dynamic touch to your wall display, consider hanging multiple frames on a single cord. This arrangement allows for unique compositions and an engaging visual impact. However, it is crucial to stay within the carrying capacity limits of the hook-cord combinations to ensure the safety of your artwork. Experiment with different configurations to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Tip 8: Embrace the Wall Gallery Trend

Expand your creativity beyond traditional frames and embrace the wall gallery trend. The STAS Hanging System offers various solutions to hang a wide range of objects, such as mirrors, taxidermy, textiles, plants, hats, records, or plates. Create a personalized and captivating wall gallery by combining different elements and exploring unique arrangements. Let your imagination run wild and transform your space into an artistic masterpiece.




The STAS Hanging System is a remarkable solution for displaying wall decorations with style and versatility. By implementing the eight tips outlined in this guide, you can maximize the potential of this system and create stunning arrangements that enhance your space. From installing the picture rail strategically to considering design elements like painting and wall galleries, the STAS Hanging System offers endless possibilities for showcasing your artwork. Let your creativity soar and enjoy the flexibility and aesthetic appeal that this innovative picture hanging system provides.


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