• Liven up your living room with personal pictures and photographs, inspiring quotes and art.
  • Easily create collages or an entire gallery wall by hanging multiple picture frames from a single cord.
  • Want to hang a clock, mirror, bulletin board or dartboard? You sure can with STAS.
  • Christmas, Easter or Halloween? A seasonal metamorphosis is accomplished in a heartbeat!
  • Display your kids’ drawings and add or rearrange easily when they create new masterpieces.
  • Children grow up quickly: change the look of the nursery or kids’ bedrooms in a snap by changing the posters and pictures on the walls.
    Or let your kids do it themselves!
  • Create a professional atmosphere in your home office by hanging artwork, bulletin boards, clocks and inspiring quotes.
  • And finally, if you get fed up: change everything again in an instant: no tools, no mess!


What makes a house a home? Our answer would be: the way it reflects the people that live in it. And what better way to express this than with photos, pictures, artwork and other personal objects that you hold dear?

With STAS hanging systems, the decor in your home can grow, develop and change along with you (and your family).

Because isn’t life in constant motion?


Your bedroom is a space of calm and quiet to relax in after a busy day. Enhance the ambiance by hanging art the elegant way with STAS.

“I used the silver and it looks great in a modern loft-type space.” – Andrew


A STAS picture hanging system is surprisingly useful in the kitchen. Use a hanging system to mount chalk boards, calendars, recipes, or even kitchen utensils!

“Excellent system – looks great and works well!” – Jim


The hanging systems by STAS encourage you to get creative, to experiment with objects and their locations.

Make bad choices, easily correct them with good ones and simply repeat the process whenever you feel your wall design is no longer matching your mood, your needs or your taste.



You can easily rearrange your furniture, why not your paintings?
Have you ever felt reluctant to rearrange your wall decorations, dreading the dust that comes with drilling? Ever rearranged your furniture just to discover your pictures had disappeared behind your new shelving units? Not to worry, with STAS picture hanging systems those issues are a thing of the past!

What is a picture hanging system?
STAS picture hanging systems are deceptively simple. In essence, they consist of three components: a rail, a cord and a matching hook.

  1. Mount the picture rail on your wall or ceiling. This is the last drilling you’ll need to do!
  2. Simply hook the cord into the rail at any spot you’d like to hang an object.
  3. Slide the picture hook over the cord to the height you desire.
  4. Hang your object and you’re done!

Rearrange the objects or their locations whenever and as often as you like.
No tools, no mess, no maintenance costs, no damaged walls!

Why purchase a picture hanging system?
Let us rephrase that question: why not? Why limit your creativity? Why use an inflexible method of mounting when there’s an easy, flexible, elegant and cheap solution at hand?

We believe that flexibility and durability are two sides of the same coin. Once your rail is mounted, a lifetime of easy rearranging, alternating, and redecorating of your wall design lies ahead.

The hanging systems have neutral, elegant designs and are just as (in)visible as you wish them to be. In short: it’s all yours.

Is it for me?
STAS picture hanging systems are ideal for use in all types of rooms, and can be mounted to all types of walls and ceilings. We deliver to home owners, businesses, and to the world’s most renowned museums, government institutions and universities. Moreover, we offer hanging systems for every budget, in every quantity.

So let us put it this way: if your space has walls, STAS is for you!